Lenawee Conservation District

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Tree Sale & Other Products

The 2018 Lenawee Conservation District annual Tree Sale Fundraiser is coming up soon and will be on the website as soon as the Tree Sale brochure is ready to release.

To be added to our mailing list for future tree sales submit your mailing address by calling our office or submitting it via our website in the "contact info" tab.  You can also enter your email address and receive the Tree Sale information via email.

We also have a great selection of books for sale that make great birthday, anniversary, new home, graduation, or surprise gifts.  We will be discontinuing our book sales when our stock is exhausted so be sure to contact our office if you may have been wanting some selections.  Get them while they are still available. Meanwhile, we still carry the following items but do not have them on display due to a restriction of "No Soliciting" in government offices which has now been enforced:  

     Tree Mats - $1.50 ea.    Tree Shelters - $3.00 ea.     Tree Fertilizer Tablets - 4 tablets/$1.00     Terra-Sorb - $2.00 per ounce

     Marking Flags:  $0.20 ea.     50 flags/$10.00     100 flags/$15.00      Whitetail Brassica Food Plot Mix - $15.00 ea.

     Plant Markers (Metal) - $1.00 ea.     Mosquito Barrier - 32 oz./$25.00   128 oz./$75.00      MAEAP Spill Kits - $30.00

     Plantskydd Animal Repellent (lasts 3-6 mos.)  Ready Mix:    1 Qt. spray bottle - $22.00     1 Gal. liquid jug - $60.00 

                                                                        Granular:     1 lb. canister - $11.00     3 lb. bag - $25.00     7 lb. bag - $40.00

                                                                        Powder Concentrate:  1 lb box - $28.00     2 lb. box - $45.00    

Lenawee Conservation District also has the following equipment available for rent:  two tree planters ($50/day with $100 deposit) and two grass drills, a 5 ft. and an 8 ft. with varying rental rates.  See photos below.  Contracts for rental are also available below to print out.

                                                                                Lenawee Conservation District, 1100 Sutton Rd., Adrian, MI  49221

                                                                                                                           (517) 263-7400 Ext. 3